"Unseen Lines" text detail (c) Dianne Bowen
Drawing is like taking a line out for a dance, sometimes it's a heavy metal slam dance, sometimes it's as structured as a waltz, and sometimes it's a virgina reel and I'm just switching hands and partners, pencil, paint, paper, film...

An artist's journey making sense of the world through art, language and conversation.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daily Diary East Village Mural, January 15, 2015

A new year begins ! The mural is beginning to shed it's vines as the winter weather takes hold. The reflection from the metal hard drives adds beautiful playful movements in light across the surface dipping into areas of sky and ground.  Three of them came down with the vines which lay a pile of blue, black, white and yellow on the ground.

The light and shadows of January have changed position and intensity. Now rising from the bottom left of the work. The wrought iron fence in the foreground slowing climbs the piece as the sun rises and descends as it sets. Ominous feeling I took a picture of my shadow with it.
Shadows from the far foreground now begin to create a third layer of interaction. The trees beyond the fence are now visible as they cast their shape across the more minimal left side.

I've edited several video clips which show the diversity of the work during the changing light, seasons and weather conditions. A theatre noir at night and subtle quietness of the shadows appearing and disappearing over the course of day.

Dianne Bowen, documenting interactions of light and shadow, December, 2014 

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