"Unseen Lines" text detail (c) Dianne Bowen
Drawing is like taking a line out for a dance, sometimes it's a heavy metal slam dance, sometimes it's as structured as a waltz, and sometimes it's a virgina reel and I'm just switching hands and partners, pencil, paint, paper, film...

An artist's journey making sense of the world through art, language and conversation.


Original Note and Code poems 

I've been working on a new series of paper sculptures, wall reliefs and cut-outs with associated note poems. They are more delicate in movement, line, and a new color palette has come has come out from it. The colors are clearly mine but now green and yellow have made themselves known. It's exciting to see this grow and change. A waltz or slam dance today. What's it going to be? Ready for either.  

I wanted 2 tell you many things, alas I can only miss your laugh, 2 miss you. Not being there, time they say heals, a lie we tell ourselves, it merely fades the scars once so visible tender 2 the touch. Bright red fading to pinks, colors we touch weeping softly, accepting their course eye,cheek, to chin it falls away,into the puddle of memory at our feet.


Hinter Lands
associated drawing and poem in progress

rabbit skin glue, applied with her fingers, shifting shapes, seeking cadence, connecting lines, blocked out words, temporary shelter, hinter lands, ancient language she did not speak, understood small phrases, moments relief, across seas North, broken heart from a broken land, giants forming, lakes of sorrow, silence vibrating, plucking strings, leaving traces, brimming empty

Cellular Secrets Popping Sound, 2011
associated drawing of the same name

cellular secrets popping sounds, words cracking bone bursting heart, tracing lines, colliding swirls, another pop surfaces, another tear falls into red and pink abyss 

The Watcher Is Keeping Time, 2011
associated drawing video "The Watcher"

reflected sky, waters current ripple rain, watching, somewhere, someone, watching, time slips through, making no sound, flowing tide seeking signs of life, frozen moments glide, vanish on the journey, The Watcher is keeping time

Deep Sound, 2011
associated drawing of the same name

pacing downtown loft, bare window views, burial ground reconstruction, listening for signs, her own music she pins to the wall, catalogs blood lines, New York Abstraction sewn to her feet, two generations across the wall, floor to ceiling, pigment pencil, we have killed ourselves with concoctions, surrendered gladly to our possession, time tick tocking another dimension

Splitting Stone, 2011

trees branching open palms on barren cliffs, blossom tales ancient languages, inaudible sound rushing silent, through the marrow, surface for air in welling eyes seeking words, glimpse desert oasis in the distance .

Brimming Empty, 2011
associated drawing "Rousing Dreams From Storms"

give me your hand, gentle touch needed, the empty space of dreaming, watching for lightening, dark roads healing marks, document the journey, warehoused dreams, beat against doors, thunder warns, unforgiven words, silence vibrates leaving traces, listening to mountains, marking time, solitude of years spent, red wood forests turn to stone, seeking shelter, widows walk waiting, calling to sea, light house blinking, recorded messages unanswered

Inherent Melodies Gravitation, 2011

associated drawing of the same name

Balls of her feet standing, holding line breaking surface, two dimensions, tracking marks, leaving traces centripetal, black and blue, inherent melodies gravitation, centrifugal vibration, going super nova


Last Punctuation


I've left this for you, in hopes you would find it, written in invisible ink, decade in the making, pressed flower last punctuation. - a love poem to the invisible

A Fragile Line, 2011

fragile line across the surface, a secret between you and I, breaking surface, cracking glass catching light counting pieces, holding surface

One by One, 2011 

Pearls on a strand I collect one by one, keep them under my ribs, left side of my heart, In case of emergency, break your heart to retrieve, etched in the bone, Red, silver, black and blue

Lines Seek Shelter glass covered book
Code and Note Poem’s from artist book 1/2011

seeking Shelter 
unseen lines flow 
marking time
measuring solitude in tears 
speak softly in warehouses
rouse dreams from storms
healing roads far away
lines are forming
white and blue
see the time it has

Note Poem

I wanted to give you something

like a note in a drawer
a memory to keep with you  
for when you need it  
a whisper in your ear
I’m listening

Leaving a note for Lee Krasner from the future to the past;, 2011

Oh Lee, your brush work is powerful, confident strokes fill the canvas, overflowing my eyes So tenacious you are and I am selfish as I stare at your work my hand on my heart, oh Lee I am selfish wanting to see more so I left you this note harpooned on your paint brush

Make The Mark, 2011
ode to Cy  

for you I have shut the light, a forest of line in time, make the mark, let them gather, on surface, on hands, scribble across the page, big and round, black on white, turn about to shut the light, close your eyes and I will close mine, leaving a line of connection, to the one you left behind

What Blossoms in Colors I Have Not Seen, 2010
written in association to a photograph by Heide Hatry 

Amid thin branches
blossoms supple texture mingles
budding green, leaves hissing Spring
So pale in whites and pinks
flushed cheeks of a child
against barren ground
Fleshy petals expose themselves
pricks your fingers
drawing no blood
Rich pollen centers
sweet with memory lingers
harboring another scent

A bloom
strays from the bunch

Surface To Air II, 2009
code poem associated drawing of the same name and "So That You Would Hear Me"

unseen lines seek shelter
hear me
seek me out
I am here within these lines
see the time it has  
meet me by the hot tree

Silence seeking translation, associated to drawing of the same name 2/16/2012

Deserted routes hinterland roots dreaming empty, holding, still, hidden storms rousing lines, releasing sounds forming words notes D tuning, under mountains, silence seeking translation

Listening To The Blues In A Hurricane, October 1, 2012
blues stitched to her feet, run wild in empty spaces, twist in her veins, spun notes rise to the surface, blue is the color of her smile, hurricane, lapis, cobalt and Prussian,resonate in warehouses, moan - wail -  whisper - SCREAM! heart murmurs thrashed on rocks, trail left on deserted beaches  
Internal Networks, September, 23, 2012
internal networks giving in - giving way stretched beyond capacity, you in the distance out stretched arms open hands, holding my chest feeling my blood travel, cellular division expanding into the universe, bursting heart moving left releasing lines inaudible, zero gravity, holding on and letting go

Fragile Encounter, June 17, 2012

pacing bare-footed searching for lines, meticulously folded threaded and pierced, straddling two dimensions, blue to white – white to blue, found her own notes held by a string, D-tuning chaos sound held in space, sliver of empty bearing weight, fragile encounter through the ball end

Inaudible Tales associated drawing of the same name 2012

inaudible tales repeating, the empty space of dreaming, surface to air breathless, gliding with nightingales,translations across the desert, spinning tales deciphering  languages, hinterlands rain and sun, bearing two drums translating sounds, want and need 


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