"Unseen Lines" text detail (c) Dianne Bowen
Drawing is like taking a line out for a dance, sometimes it's a heavy metal slam dance, sometimes it's as structured as a waltz, and sometimes it's a virgina reel and I'm just switching hands and partners, pencil, paint, paper, film...

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Daily Diary, East Village Interactive Drawing Mural, snow day #3

Tossing and turning from a restless night the sun rising slipping in through my curtains. Light slightly altered from a stained glass piece sitting on my windowsill. My indoor studio time yesturday was more task oriented than I'd planned. Working on the mural even through blizzards and chilling temperatures, my "Studio Fresca" as I've named it has been a blessing in so many ways, allowing for experimentation with how my installation pieces react, respond, grow, evolve, effect and interact with the surroundings and spontaneous audiences. As a public work set outdoors, I've become fascinated with how all of this ties together in a cyclical kind of relationship. How art influences or affects simply by it's presence. I play a kind of call and response game of challenge. Making marks, drawing in one form or another, leaving it and coming back to see what kind of reply has been made. The work like it's surroundings is in constant flux. Using reflective metal hard drives creates the ability for the work to see itself and track movements, weather, light, time all are changed and recorded in a temporary way. This is akin to the idea that we could be the reflected images of the universe allowing it the ability to see itself through a different perspective.

The day and night are completely different worlds. The piece is ominous, salacious almost sinister and aquatic at night. Voices become more haunting, light and shadows move as ghosts, traffic blares yelling, honking horns flashing lights and sirens a chaotic storm of sound and light. While day is more calm as shadows slowly fade in and out, more as air currents occasionally kicking up a squall at sea. It's more mischievous, playful in a salacious catch me if you can? Are humans not exactly this way? Human nature- Natures nature- natural nature..? A twisted tale I'm trying to excavate, locate and decipher.  Pouring and splashing blue paint on the snow created a layer of drawing and color to be excavated after it dried. I pulled up a piece with the underlying snow to examine. Science and Art have always good friends as Di Vinci had stated. A relationship  with similarities. Both inquisitive, methods, theories, pondering what if? 

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