"Unseen Lines" text detail (c) Dianne Bowen
Drawing is like taking a line out for a dance, sometimes it's a heavy metal slam dance, sometimes it's as structured as a waltz, and sometimes it's a virgina reel and I'm just switching hands and partners, pencil, paint, paper, film...

An artist's journey making sense of the world through art, language and conversation.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4, 2015

5:30 am a family of hawks now resides in the high tower of the church across from window which has become quite the bird sanctuary of late. Waking at sunrise is amazing, as the sun begins it's path across the urban terrain rising slowing a warm yellow glow appears. It's magic time up here on the 6th floor. So much inspiration had come from this time of day. More work continues to flow. It's lines akin to rivers, trees, land, ariel views of mountains, rivers, roads and the like creating paths through the earths topography, seismology, cartography, brain scans, weather, storms, rain, lightening are all present in the new work. The directions brings more fragility to the recent cut out additions which are weightless as they appear like nets over the paper air currents and shifting weights an accumulation of subtraction. Suspended in mid air a high wire act. blue, silver, pearlized - transparent appear and disappear, glinting catching light, shadows moving as you change position. Transient, impermanent, flux is constant there is nothing stable.

What if ?

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