"Unseen Lines" text detail (c) Dianne Bowen
Drawing is like taking a line out for a dance, sometimes it's a heavy metal slam dance, sometimes it's as structured as a waltz, and sometimes it's a virgina reel and I'm just switching hands and partners, pencil, paint, paper, film...

An artist's journey making sense of the world through art, language and conversation.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Falling into Fall

New work begins, as the art season kicks into high gear, stay tuned lots coming up !

"Falling Loose Exhaling Empty",  2012 (c) Dianne Bowen

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  1. Hi Dianne, It's been a while since I looked at what you are doing. I pulled up this page and was startled to see the painting above. I realized the by coincidence we were both working with circles. Looking back on some of your things I should have realized that all along. If you have the time you could see my latest circle work at http://www.grierhorner.com/blog.html.